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Welcome to the Early Years Notice Board!

Friday 23th March 2018
We thought it would be helpful to begin the new term with some updates/clarification on some of the things happening at school:
Puppy Diaries
Our class pets will go home on a Friday to spend the weekend with a child from our class. We very much look forward to sharing the diary at school on Mondays and so it is very important that the diary is complete and back to school on the Monday. We plan a slot to sit together and look at the diary and if, for whatever reason the diary has not been brought back to school, it makes it very tricky to fit it in at some other time. 
If you are unable to print photographs, illustrations are much appreciated and remember it doesn't all have to be written by Mummy or Daddy- we love it when we can see the children's writing in there too.
Thank you for your support with this.
Library Books
Our school library has recently undergone a huge make-over and looks amazing. As we move towards entering the next phase of our education into Year 1, we will visit the library more regularly. At the moment we will change our library books in our classroom and we will endeavour to do this twice a week. Library books are not the same as the banded reading books that your child reads to you each evening and changes every morning. Library books are a book for you to share together at bedtime or another point in the day. It is very unlikely that your child will be able to read to book to you and is not meant to be an activity where your child can practise their reading skills (though if they would like to, then great!).
Mrs Johnston and myself has observed a large number of library books that are missing. It's possible that your child has returned their library book and this has not been logged. If you receive a pink letter to inform you that your child's library book is missing then please do not fret! If you have had a look at home and the book is nowhere to be seen then please let us know and we will issue your child with a new one, this is not a problem.
Bringing money into school is very tricky for our little ones- there's lots to remember and it can be really sad if that money gets lost. On occasions where we have asked you to bring in a donation (for a Wear What You Like Day, for example) or to pay for a school trip, it's really important that the money is secured in a named envelope. It is very easy for a loose coin to slip out of little fingers and can lead to huge upset if it has been put down and they can't remember where they have put it. Thank you to everyone who has sent in money recently for Sport Relief and for today's Shelter Box collection. A huge thank you to all parents who have sent this money in sealed, named envelopes- it's a huge help.
Reading Books
Today we have sent the children home with 6 reading books for the holidays. We know you will have some lovely family time together planned and look forward to hearing all about it when the children return to school. Two weeks is a long time for our little ones to be away from school and though the break is well deserved, it is very important that they continue to practise their reading skills using the reading books, sounds book, tricky word and blending book, as well as any areas of maths that your child needs to work on. Please note that there are no 'ai' or 'ee' homework sheets.
Please remember to check back here often so that you do not miss out on any information and enjoy your Easter holidays!
Threemilestone Primary