Headteacher: Ms Suzannah Teagle

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 Autumn Term 2017






 This term the children will be exploring and researching the ‘Ancient Maya’. We will discover: who they are; where they came from; look at their religion and gods; understand the Maya number system and solve some number problems; study Maya drawings and ask questions about them; explore their food – including chocolate; explore sources of evidence and learn more about Maya writing: Hieroglyphs and syllabograms.


 Mayan Workshop

During this term children will experience a Mayan workshop day. Keep a lookout for the photographs of the day.




Different aspects of Mayan art will be studied. This will include creating their own hieroglyphics and symbols, as well as looking at the different types of Mayan sculpture and architecture.

Please ensure children have Art shirt at school.





We will be discovering where Chocolate comes from & how important it was to the Mayan people. We will be going on a cocoa trail and will be making our chocolate brownies. 

We will visit Tesco as part of our STAR learning to look at the variety of chocolate products. In addition, we are lucky to have Tesco come to visit, and cook with us.


 Our areas of learning this term are Electricity and Light. 



  The children will be learning the skills they need in order to design and then create an APP , using APP inventor.  This project will continue throughout the coming year. 



  Parables & Miracles: During this unit of work the children will be studying some of Jesus’ parables such as The lost sheep and the Parable of Talents. They will also be discovering some of the miracles the Bible tells us he performed.

Evidence of God: In this unit of work the children will be studying what Christians believe about God and how they communicate with God through prayer and their understanding of the Bible.




 Over the term we will sing, compose, perform and listen to various styles of music linked with The Mayans.


Following our new and exciting scheme of work, Y6 children will continue to increase their vocabularly in both speaking and understanding French. To enrich their French the children will have opportunities to sing and perform.



 Miss Andrew, our PE specalist, will be delivering some P.E lessons for Y6 as well as the class teacher.                                                                                  Please make sure that all kit is named and in a separate P.E bag which can be left on your child’s peg.  A tracksuit is allowed for outdoor games in the colder winter months.  




 We are excited to be introducing and following a new scheme, JIGSAW, which brings together Personal, Social, Health and Economic education, emotional literacy, social skills, and spiritual development in a lesson a week programme. 

Threemilestone Primary