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Year 6 Pupil Page

                  Extreme Earth        

Did you know that there have been many expeditions up mountains all around the world?  We will be learning about mountains and some explorers who have challenged themselves to complete expeditions in extreme conditions.  Later in the term, we will also be learning about volcanoes around the world.  Interestingly, a dormant volcano, on Kadovar island in Papua New Guinea, erupted on 5th January 2018.  How exciting!


In science, we will begin the term exploring light and how our eyes work.  This will be an opportunity to think scientifically and have fun with torches, mirrors and prisms. Later in the term we will be learning more about living things and their habitats.


Click for our termly overview.  

Termly Overview          

Autumn Term spelling lists

 Spelling List Spring term


Ancient Maya Civilisation

World Atlas


Facts about Mayans

Mayans rainforest clip

Mayan Gods

Information about the Maya

Food and daily life

Maya Civilization

Maya myth

More about Mayans

Ancient Maya

Central American Maya

The Maya



Classics for Kids



 Going Green


Ocean Facts

What is happening in the ocean?

More ocean facts 

NASA ocean site 

Facts about the different oceans 

Uses of the ocean 

Distance calculator 



British Timeline information 


Fair Trade 

F is for Fair trade

Fair trade products


PaPaPaa Comic Relief

Truro City Fairtrade group





 60's Theme Week


Science - Circuits

Changing Circuits


Learning Circuits

 Computing - Internet Safety

How SMART are you?


Learning Links

One of the key things that you need to remember to do each week is to learn your spellings. It is a good idea to practise your spellings each day. The current lists can be found below:



Use the links below to help you with different areas of your learning from spellings through to times tables!





Primary Games Arena

Spelling with the Spellits

 verbs and adverbs Bitesize

Nouns and Adjectives

Fish for nouns!

KS2 Bitesize - Grammar

Verb Power

Contraction Match

Apostrophes - Quiz 1

Apostrophes - Quiz 2


Storynory - sit back and listen to a story.

More Fables and Fairytales

CBeebies Fairytales - you are never too old!

Library of common fantasy creatures

More fantasy creatures


500 words

IK Brunel - BBC site

Royal Albert Bridge 

Pictures of bridge with captions 

Speech marks cartoon 

Punctuation practice 




BBC Bitesize

Bitesize game

Sarah Jane Adventures - worth a play!

Changing Sound - how can you change sounds?

Sound Sandwich!

Ocean Odyssey



BBC Forces in Action - Science clips

KS2 Bitesize activities

KS3 Bitesize - give it a try!

How to make amazing paper aeroplanes!

Friction test

Interactive forces activities



How we see

How we see

Pink Dots!

Optical Illusions

Shadows investigation

Sammy's guide to light - interactive site

KS2 Bitesize - click on the 'Light' activity

Mirrors activity - BBC Scienceclips

Refraction - white light through a prism

More refraction - how do you make a



Living Things


Mrs. Gren - KS3 Bitesize

Carl Linnaeus 

Binomial system of naming plants - video clip


More microorganisms - KS3

BBC scienceclips - microorganisms



Burying bodies game 

Fossils etc. 

Endangered species 

Breeds of dog

Evolution quiz 

Interactive games, including Darwin's finches 

Darwin facts

More Darwin facts

Charles Darwin and evolution


BBC Schools - A brilliant site with songs and games!


Pictures of France - just loads of pictures!

Barnaby Bear goes to Paris!


Maths - Number

Revision activities

Multiplying and dividing by 10/100/1000

Ordering decimals

Adding decimals - football game

Adding Decimals - Dick and Dom

Addle - addition puzzle

Magic Square - addition puzzle

Mission 2110 - mental maths

Beat the clock  - what level can you do?

Speed Challenge

Space Rock - revise factors

Bamzooki - operations

Power Lines - how far can you get?

Power Lines Phase 2



Meteor Multiplication


Mission 2110 - addition and subtraction

Function Machine - L6 algebra

Fraction Monkeys

Fraction booster

Match equivalent fractions

Fractions to decimals quest

Colour matching fractions/decimals


Interpret Pie Charts

Create your own pie chart!

Dick & Dom - data handling




Rotational Symmetry

Symmetry Artist


More rounding

Misshttp://www.topmarks.co.uk/Flash.aspx?a=activity11ion 2110 - addition and subtraction game 


NRICH - negative numbers dice game



Maths - Shape and Measures

Pentominoes investigation


Legend of Dick & Dom!

Polygon Sort

Triangle Sort

Quadrilateral Quest


Mission 2110 - 3D shape

Shape Revision - well worth a look!

Celebrity Shapes!


Area of compound shapes - level 6!

Part Planner - area and perimeter

Airlines Builder - area and perimeter

Volume - good revision of this tricky area!

Measures - Measure and weigh the parcel!

Practise measuring - how long is the ruler?


Measuring challenge


Sharing with remainders


Telling the time - different levels

More time activities 

24 hour clock 

Beat the clock 

Useful Links

RM Easimaths

Interactive Resources

SATs Tests Online - lots of practise questions here!
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