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Year 5 Pupil Page

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This term our topic is 

   Extreme Earth        

Did you know that there have been many expeditions up mountains all around the world?  We will be learning about mountains and some explorers who have challenged themselves to complete expeditions in extreme conditions.  Later in the term, we will also be learning about volcanoes around the world.  Interestingly, a dormant volcano, on Kadovar island in Papua New Guinea, erupted on 5th January 2018.  How exciting!

In addition to this, in Science, we will be deepening our learning about Materials and their properties.  This will include carrying out lots of practical investigations and observations and developing our enquiry skills. 

In year 5, PE will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays so please make sure you have your PE kit in school on those days.



 Use the links below to help support you with your learning:


Noun Revision

Adjective Detective

Adjectival Phrases - Refresh your memory.


Trapped - newspaper game

Headline game


Hit the Button - Times Tables Practice

Speed Challenges - how quick are you?

Times Table Grid

8x Table Rocket Dad 


Place Value

Place Value Chart - Simple Revision

Place Value Millionaire

Rounding - silly but Mr H. likes the music!

Rounding Bike Race

Alien Rounding - a cute alien rounding to 100!

Roman Numerals Matching to 100

Roman numerals - harder matching

Roman numerals - hangman

Negative numbers - Mission2110


Addition and Subtraction

Mission 2110 Addition

Fish Bowl Subtraction

Crystal Crash - pick a challenging objective

Maths Invaders - Brill ;0)

Monty's Maths Wall - tricky


Multiplication and Division

Long Multiplication

Blank multiplication grid

Multiple Frenzy

Finding Multiples

Prime Numbers


Reading Graphs

Interpret Line Graphs


Equivalent fractions game 

Triplets equivalent fractions game

Equivalent fractions Bingo!

Dolphin Racing - Click on the highest value fraction

 Fractions Pacman

Adding Fractions Games: 

Different Denominators Pacman

Add fractions with different denominators

Fruit Splat - Adding Fractions

Adding Fractions to 1 (monster game)

Basketball Hoop Shoot - Adding Fractions

Racing Game - Adding and Subtraction Fractions


Ordering Decimals balloon pop

Ordering fruit splatMatch models to decimals

Match models to decimals

Order decimals


Finding percentages of numbers

Balloon Invaders

Matching game (Fractions, Decimals and Percentages)


Polygon Shape Shoot

Shapes in space

Shapes Jeopardy game


Build a Garden Shed game

Extreme Earth

Extreme Weather & Natural Disasters research:

Extreme Weather 

Weather and Natural Disasters

Weather for kids

Met Office


Famous Explorers 

Steve Backshall

 Steve Backshall

Steve Backshall's 'Ogre' Expedition live updates


Greg James Greg-athlon updates






 Mighty Mayans:

BBC Bitesize - The Mayans

Maya Maths Game

Living like a Mayan:

Daily life

Living like a Mayan


Mayan clothing

Mayan food


Mayan homes


Life of an ancient mayan

Mayan Religion:

Mayan Gods

Religious beliefs

Mayan Beliefs





Why did the Mayans disappear? 


Lots of different theories

More theories about the Mayan collapse

Video link including different theories



BBC History - Vikings

Viking Training School Game


Viking Longships - Basic Facts

Vikings At Sea

Viking Longship - Findout!

Viking Ships - Fun Facts


BBC history


Valhalla info


BBC Bitesize - Space

Astronaut Tim Peake

Tim Peake Timeline

Tim Peake NASA

BBC News - Tim Peake

Newsround - Tim Peake

Wikipedia info

Planets research

Living Things and Their Habitats

Parts of a flower interactive game

Grow your own plant



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