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Added 2 yearss ago
SAFEGUARDING: Our staff learning journey continued this week with our annual Safeguarding update, with increasing our knowledge on CSE and FGM. A recent initiative has been launched involving all schools in Cornwall, called Operation Encompass. This involves rapid communication with the school following any police involvement in a domestic incident. This will help us to give our children the appropriate support they need in challenging times, which is crucial. A letter has been sent home and is available on Facebook to ensure all parents are aware of the process, which can only ultimately be positive for our parents and children. For any further details, please come and see me, or visit  http://www.operationencompass.org/

For more information on safeguarding below are a number of very useful links: 

Our Child Protection Policy:  Child protection policy 3MS 2015.pdf Reviewed in November 2015. 

Cornwall Council Local Safeguarding Board: LGSB 

Cornwall Early Help Hub:  Early Help Hub

Information on how to prevent violent extremism in Cornwall:  Prevent

How you can report on-line terrorism: Preventing On-line Terrorism



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